Demystifying You!

I like this word Demystifying because it adds , well,  Mystery!! (no claims on originality there). By definition Demystify – make (a difficult subject) clearer and easier to understand. ‘Demystifying you’ simply translated – make a clearer picture of yourself. It is an interesting word which engulfs a certain mystery behind one that is demystified. Does that mean that you ademystifying youre such a mystery that you essentially require Demystifying?

Well yes You are!!

It is strange to think that you are a mystery to yourself. You who lives and breathes you, you who make you are a mystery to you. Almost a mind twister there! And yet it is true in most cases. We often fail to find answers to the very basic and thereby make ourselves the biggest mystery to even ourselves.

How is that possible, you might ask?

Well let us see when we ask questions such as – What is your favourite colour or what is your favourite food or even which is your least favourite destination? Most of us will prompt an answer without a thought. This has a lot to do with where this information is stored in our brain (not elaborating on this for fear of making this technical)

However, let us ask a little deeper question: “What makes you happy?” or even something simpler “If your favourite colour is yellow, what does it really represent for you?” These questions are usually answered with “ err” , “hmmm” and similar sounds that are mostly difficult to decipher.

Would you therefore not agree that most of us find ourselves a mystery? This phenomenon is more prevalent in the students and its presence is essentially due to the fact that they have many stimuli and information thrown their which make is difficult to process and store it in the relevant box. It is often a task to know which information is relevant to the given question, thereby mystifying us further.

So how do we truly demystify ourselves?

There are various ways that we use to answer a question in a class – let us say a Science project on “How can we save the Tiger” (my son has been given this for the week). What would be the logical path that you would take to come up with the best possible answer?

  1. Do your research on tigers
  2. You start with the history of tigers
  3. The reason why they are endangered
  4. What are the steps we are taking to protect the tigers
  5. Finally what more can we do?

Let us start on this logical path

Do your research on you – include what you like, what are you good at, since we are essentially taking about education find out what subject you find hard to do and on the other hand which subjects do you enjoy doing. Do not however make it just about grades.

History of You should include more than your educational background and include your qualities, skills, interests and to some extent even your beliefs. Each of these defines YOU. Each of these will influence the decision you will take in a certain situation. Example if your belief does not allow you to tell a lie, there will be certain career that will be most unsuited. (You know which ones I am suggesting, don’t you?)

The Reason: this is an interesting one. Why am I who I am? (This is a question I will help you answer eventually). To look for an answer for this complex question will involve a number of things – your skill set, your background – both financial and cultural, your education – passive and active and a number of other reasons that have made you an individual that you are.

Steps Ahead: this involves primarily chalking a path to your future. This step shall come only after an initial knowledge on yourself. It requires identification of a path that you can set off on.

What can we do: an objective view on what should or should not be done in order to achieve our goals (in this case possibly the admission in a desired college?)

You may add as many subheads to make the report more believable and true, this is only a sample of the essential information you need to have to create an effective report on self. You will see that to take any step further in our lives, we need to have an understanding of self. There is another thing that is equally important to understand. You are a dynamic element, which means that you are always changing and evolving with every experience. Each of the factors that I have talked about will change or add to it. What is constant, however, is that each of these will have an effect on your decision. Therefore in decoding yourself, first step will be to gain an understanding of self!

Author: pratimamittal

I am an education consultant since 2004. I have worked with top ranked universities from across the world. A Mother of two , I understand most concerns that parents have. I counsel and help students and parents to chose a direction that is in their interest. I read anything that catches my attention. I write about things that matter to me. Music keeps me going.

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