via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

What does Toothbrush effectively do for you? Clean up!! Now you did not have to be a rocket scientist to know that, just a regular guy/girl with a bad breath.

Education is pretty much the Toothbrush of our lives as well. No I  am not making this unnecessary connection for the heck of it. Think about it.

It cleans up your life in the most beautiful manner, leaves you fresh and yes your mind sparkling.

Education is arguably the best Toothbrush one is fortunate enough to get. A mind is essentially a muscle which develops just when we exercise it. Unlike other muscles you can instantly feel the difference in the most effective manner. When I say education I mean it beyond school, college and classes. I mean education broadly as learning. You could learn a new skill – drums maybe, learn a new thing about science or history. It does not have to be related to anything, can be without a plan so long as it leaves you with something new and exercises  that brain of yours. In some cultures it is believed that your mind, and it’s skills crosses over into your next life with you. This is how they explain how some kids are born intelligent with certain inherent skills and some kids do not have that intelligence. I may not believe in it entirely but I must admit it holds some mystery there.

So Toothbrush yes it’s a tool to help you start your day and education helps you start your life in the most beautiful manner.





Author: pratimamittal

I am an education consultant since 2004. I have worked with top ranked universities from across the world. A Mother of two , I understand most concerns that parents have. I counsel and help students and parents to chose a direction that is in their interest. I read anything that catches my attention. I write about things that matter to me. Music keeps me going.

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