I have lost things that matter

Some child in my daughter’s class lost a copy, her mother asked me to check my daughter’s bag-

this is what I had to say…


I have  lost my mind, perhaps in one of those school bag it resides, Patiently to be found

I lost my sensibility, in one of those copies it still exists, waiting to perhaps evolve

I lost my creativity somewhere along the way, the drawing book of your child may still have the painting waiting to be finished,

I lost my curiosity, accepted things as they were, a corner of the bag may be hiding it and it just might pop up as a surprise,

I lost my enthusiasm, it gave away with the routine of life, the tiffin of your child may still hold some of its crumbs,

I have lost a lot, but then I think If the children have them, let it stay there in their hearts and in their school bags,

A thief is out on a prowl and may rob them soon of all this too

Let us wake up and help our kids  protect what matters…

Let the bags be full, not heavy

Let the bags hold knowledge, not just books

Let the bags hold a goal, not a burden

Let the bags hold a dream, not just reality

Let the bags hold hope, not the stress

Let the bags remind them of what they can be, not just who they are

Let the bags be………


Author: pratimamittal

I am an education consultant since 2004. I have worked with top ranked universities from across the world. A Mother of two , I understand most concerns that parents have. I counsel and help students and parents to chose a direction that is in their interest. I read anything that catches my attention. I write about things that matter to me. Music keeps me going.

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