I am studying a course online which posts some very interesting questions . One of these is

What is the Future of Education?

What really is the future of education?

The Education systems across the world had primarily been structured to prepare the chosen segment of the society to behave and act in a manner that enables the better working of the THEN Businesses. It was eventually expanded to enrol a larger section of society that partakes in the industrialisation; however the decision making was still concentrated in the hands of the chosen few.

Hundreds of years post, we are still not in the future of education. Our end goal is still characterised with what we started with – Enable them to become A STANDARD!!

Are we still not churning our standardised youth who can enable the industry?

Why are we not, I wonder, putting our energies on giving the Youth the power to liberate?

There are few institutions that seem to take the liberation, Freedom and innovation very seriously. They are however looked at with distrust and suspicion. After all they seem to be telling you that majority of the world is wrong or at least not correct. This revolutionary thought may not be a choice for the majority of students. If it is not popular then it cannot really be Right. Most of us follow this rule for making choices and Education cannot be any different.

But this is the very FUTURE OF EDUCATION! The Liberation!! The Freedom and The Choice!!

All of these words that we are scared of even combining with the Standard Education will become part of the Future of Education. It will have to!!

The last century has marked the world with the fight for Liberation. We have fought for Independence in different parts of the world against a Perpetrator that denied us the Social and Economic Rights. We fought and we won, because one cannot be denied Freedom. The then education probably supported the Central thought behind the fervour, and inspired the youth to move towards the basic rights. Today, it is time to move towards the next Right. The Right to Education which is TRUE to us!!

The thought exists, which can be felt in the discontent that seems to prevail for the education system across the Globe. There is a discontentment for the Standardised tests, Scores, Grades which seem to define our students. The System sets unrealistic standards and does not have relevant parameters to JUDGE CAPABILITY. Our Education is subjected and confined to passing examination with very little focus on LEARNING!

Learning is a function that maps experience onto behaviour. Learning is the effect of experience on behaviour.(De Hower)

If the Learning is done only to pass an exam and then there is no behavioural change and is most likely not helping us gain any skills and thus not taking us any closer to our goals. As parents can you facilitate this?

We can either wait till our schools and education system, as a whole, moves into the orbit of change or we can initiate it atleast at home and help the students move toward the future with small but definite steps. If we can create an environment which invokes curiosity then their “not so desirable” Textbooks can become more interesting and perhaps relevant. Relevance is one of the other factors that initiate a healthy learning. Rather than WHY are we studying or the WHY This Content, initiate the WHY NOT?

WHY NOT study History which helps you understand how you have evolved? WHY NOT study Physics that helps you understand the working of the world? Why not ENCOURAGE CURIOUSITY!! If discontent breeds discontent then perhaps CURIOUSITY WILL BREED CURIOUSITY. I hope it becomes infectious and an epidemic that can engulf the students of today to become BETTER LEARNERS and revolutionise the FUTURE OF EDUCATION!!









Author: pratimamittal

I am an education consultant since 2004. I have worked with top ranked universities from across the world. A Mother of two , I understand most concerns that parents have. I counsel and help students and parents to chose a direction that is in their interest. I read anything that catches my attention. I write about things that matter to me. Music keeps me going.

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